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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  July 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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tay tuned for "good morning america," that's ahead. have a great monday. try to stay cool. a hot one everywhere. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> a late-night and a busy there head as president obama and congressional leaders tried to negotiate a debt deal. the new deadline on the table. \ good morning, washington. it's monday, july 11. i am cynne simpson. >> great to have you along with us on this monday. we will begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. i am pamela brown. we will check with lisa baden in a moment. first, steve rudin. >> good at temperatures from the
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belfort furniture weather center. already in the 60's and 70's. 77 at reagan national, 73 at dulles airports. dew point in the 70's 8. heat advisory is as nearby as ohio. there could be advisories for the immediate metro tomorrow. look for highs around 90 degrees to 95 with a heat index in the upper 90's tomorrow. now to lisa baden. police activity reported on the beltway near the baltimore- washington parkway on the outer loop. if you are headed north out of land over towards college park, near exit #22, there is activity reported. we also you what we found on the beltway at the american legion bridge and that is not much. traffic headed away from us out
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of bethesda towards the toll road. if everything is good in virginia on 95. no early morning surprises on the greenway, the toll road. back to you. >> thank you. germantown police investigating a deadly pedestrian accident. a man was hit at 1:00 this morning at the intersection of germantown rd. and aircraft drive. he died at the hospital. the intersection could be closed until 6:00 this morning. president obama met with house speaker john boehner and other top congressional leaders. they're trying to negotiate a deal to reduce the deficit. the leaders are scheduled to get back to work later today. jay korff has our top story from capitol hill. >> house majority leader eric cantor headed over to the white house sunday night to sit down with president obama and other
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congressional leaders to start the necessary process of solving of a national fiscal crisis. the deadline set by the president. the meeting ended 75 minutes later without comment or agreement. to find consensus they are tackling the issue of deficit reduction. the problem is the democratic leaders are posted significant changes to entitled to programs while republican leaders insist on deeper spending cuts and are opposed to any type of tax increase. >> something will have to give and it's not clear who will be willing to accept guest. >> the immediate concerns, if an agreement on the debt ceiling is not reached by august 2 the nation goes into default. >> umc catastrophic damage across the american economy and the global economy.
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>> the president is pushing for $4 trillion debt ceiling plan. but don owner rejected that calling for a deal half that size. >> that would require big tax increases and it's a job killer as it is. >> he did not come to this town to do little things. he came to do big things. >> it should be a busy monday. the president will hold a press conference on monday morning and resume negotiations with congressional leaders. jay korff, abc 7 news. >for>> for updates log on to our web site, following a developing story. above camp david, fighter jets intercepted three small planes on the weekend for flying too close to the presidential retreat. it does not appear that the
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incidents are linked. investigators believe the pilots were likely inexperienced or not from the area. >> if you get your pre-flight briefing and have your charts and everything, it should not happen. >> president obama was at camp david when two of the incidents happened. the fighter jets were dispatched because the small planes or out of radio communication. the planes landed without incident. a crash killed a woman in haymarket, virginia, sunday afternoon on james madison high way. the dodge caravan collided wisps of 2004 winnebago. a man suspected of killing a frederick, maryland, woman. police are looking for melvin smith. he shot and killed miss nicholson while she was walking
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with her eight-year-old son. they had been dating and he was the father of one of her children. her daughterhree had become abusive. " xi says she was scared for her life and for her children and that's the next day when i got a call. -- she saiod. >> the man has a record. prince george's county police will provide details about a break in a murder case. officers arrested suspect in the murder occurred a great ginzberg business owner. the 69-year-old was found dead this past april in his convenience store. they recovered the body after they put out a fire. lawyers for albert haynesworth will appear for a
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status hearing on a sex abuse charge. the trial was expected to begin today, but that was delayed until august to accomodate defense witnesses. the football player is accused of groping a cocktail waitress at the w hotel. living social is getting ready its ipo. >> and exxonmobil is asked to submit details on its latest oil spill. >> linda bell is at bloomberg headquarters in new york with more. good morning. >> good morning. exxonmobil was told by the epa to provide details on its plan to clean up its latest oil spill. on july 1 pipeline ruptured and dumped as much as 1,000 barrels of oil into the yellowstone river in montana. exxon has captured nearly 910
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barrels from the river. living social is getting close to launching its initial public offering close to hiring j.p. morgan chase, bank of america and another bank to manage the ipo. the company aims to capitalize on the strong demand for international companies. earning season kicks off later today as we get quarterly earnings from alcoa. stock-index futures are falling apart over jitters over european debt in italy this time. seven eleven stores are giving you a police larry --giving you a free slurpee. details coming up shortly. 73 degrees on this monday, 4:38. >> warm temperatures today. still to come, hitting the campaign trail hard.
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we will look at michelle bachmann's weekend in iowa. the race for the white house. >> so exciting. an instant classic. more on the american women's impressive victory at the world cup. >> and another check on traffic and weather every ten minute
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monday morning hope you're having a good start. heat and humidity making a comeback this afternoon. you will feel a big difference. looking outside, high pressure will move off the coast. a southwesterly winds later this afternoon. at the delmarva beaches mid 80's today and tomorrow for the high temperature with a chance of isolated storms. 90-95 today. best chance of showers western d.c. and zero valley, the potomac highlands. upper 60's-mid 70's tonight. high temperatures in the 90's tomorrow with the heat advisory above 100. let's get an update on the rush hour commute this morning. good morning to lisa baden.
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in virginia it's good. no problems on the beltway, a wilson bridge, the american legion bridge, the memorial, roosevelt bridge, a key bridge and 14th street bridge. accidents on long 270 northbound leaving the beltway towards frederick just before montrose. back to you. >> thank you. 73 degrees. coming up, details on funeral services for former first lady betty ford. and we will check on the progress of the space shuttle atlantis as it continues on its final mission. why nasa is keeping a close
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president obama and congressional leaders will meet again today to work on a debt reduction deal. the group met at the white house last night. they're divided over the size and scope of the deal. the president will discuss the debt debate during a news conference this morning. the fighter jets were intercepted -- fighter jets intercepted three small planes that flew close to camp david this weekend. all three landed without incident. president obama was there
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when two of those incidents occurred. investigators are searching for a man suspected of killing a frederick woman. melvin smith killed miss richardson was she was walking with her son. her family said she tried to get a protective order against him. investigators are trying to figure out what caused an accident on a rollercoaster that killed the disabled veteran. in upstate new york that right remains closed. the sergeant was thrown from the ride. is relatives say they don't hold the amusement park responsible. funeral services will be held this week for former first lady betty ford. she died friday at the age of 93. a memorial service will be held on tuesday morning in palm desert california. another service on wednesday in grand rapids, michigan, where she grew up. she will be buried next to our husband on thursday in grand rapids. republican presidential
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candidate michelle bachmann trying to lure voters in iowa. >> hundred the people on hand when the minnesota congresswoman (headquarters on the weekend in iowa. some believe she may be the candidate to beat next month. >> the more she sees people in iowa, the harder it's going to be for other candidates. when she gets in front of people, you see people who came in undecided and then they are impressed. >> rejected criticism from tim pawlenty, who said she has not accomplished much during her tenure in congress. 4:48 on this monday, 73 degrees. still ahead they are gone, but they will not be forgotten. we have highlights from prince william and kate middleton's weekend in the u.s.
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stay with us.
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>> temperatures today will be well into the 90's and even warmer tomorrow. 77 already at reagan national. no heat advisory right now but by tomorrow we will be looking at something across the mid- atlantic. 73 at dulles, 68 in manassas. high pressure slowly moving off the coast. that will add to the heat. the humidity will increase today. there could be an isolated rain shower. the best chance will be west of d.c. a better chance for the day tomorrow. mostly to partly sunny. 90-95 today. the heat index will make it feel four degrees warmer. tonight, cover 60's.upper 60's. the heat index could top 105 degrees tomorrow. you can see ingaa class in
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light. that is springfield, virginia. look around 95, they have closed the exit ramp that would take you onto the inner loop of the beltway. that the side that goes from springfield to or tysons. they're doing some work on that and should be wrapping up soon. next, looking at last night's and headlights are northbound. we don't see the flash and lights and more before montrose. southbound looks great. we will take you out of ashburn and leesburg and through tyson and out of reston, everything is good on the greenway and the dulles toll road and it looks good out of town on the wilson bridge. back to you. >> thank you. kidnapping victim jaycee dugard opened up in an exclusive interview with last night on abc. she was only 11 years old in 1991 wednesday was kidnapped
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from her california home by phillip and nancy garrido. she was held 18 years against her will. she gave birth to two children that the man fathered. she and her children were in public during captivity. they asked her why she did not try to escape. >> the mental stuff plus a physical abuse that i had suffered in the beginning. there was no leaving. >> everyone who thinks that your impulse would scoop your children up to run -- >> they had always been told the outside world was dangerous. >> she was eventually discovered in 2009. now she's 31 years old to build a new life for herself and her children. if a judge sentenced to her captor to 431 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to sexual assault and kidnapping
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and his wife pleaded guilty and goes to prison. the final copy of britain oppose the biggest tabloid hit the newsstands. the news of the world's issued a full-page apology. its owner rupert murdoch is in london trying to handle the crisis around his media empire. the sunday times reports more arrests are expected over the telephones hacking scandal. nasa is word a piece of space junk may, close to atlantis and the international space station. the space junk is expected to make its closest approach on tuesday as the astronauts will be conducting a spacewalk. the shuttle crew will spend the next week on loading 7,000 pounds of equipment and supplies for the international space station. will and kate's no american tour is over. how was your first trip to the
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u.s.? >> thank you very much. >> after spending nine days in canada, they wrapped up their three-day stay in california. they visited zero in los angeles and then an inner-city academy of arts and participated in a polo match. then they stopped at a jobs fair for america -- for unemployed veterans. >> this is the last stop on our tour of north america the most important because it's about men and women who choose to put their lives on the line for their country of their own free will. >> they left for britain last night. this was their first overseas trip since their wedding in april. the u.s. heading to the semifinals of the women's world cup after a thrilling nail biting game. >> and she does it for the u.s. set! >> the u.s. women's team took to
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the field to celebrate after defeating brazil 5-3. the game was tied one each after regulation and then tied later. the victory comes 12 years to the day after the u.s. won its second world cup title. >> next is france. >> i think that it's three days from now. >> so exciting. i am glad for them. 72 degrees 4:57. president obama told a late- night meeting to negotiate the debt deal. there's a new time line set. stay
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